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First anniversary of “Videocon Group Employees Union”.

Mr. G. B. Khandare President of “Videocon Group Employees Union” is addressing to the Union members.

Videocon Group Employees Union at work place.

The President of “Videocon Group Employees Union” and other members at work place.

Getting guidence from the "President".

“Videocon Group Employees Union” Members are listening to their President.


Who We Are?

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Who We Are

Image 4The Videocon Group Employees Union is the Trade Union, registered under the Trade Unions Act 1926; with registration No.AWB/2759/2013 and 379 workers are members of the Trade Union as on today. It was previously known as Auto Cars Employees Union. The workers, who are members of the Union, are employed in Videocon Group of Companies more particularly Videocon International Ltd. These workers are employed as Bus Drivers, Car Drivers, Tractor Drivers, Forklift Drivers, Truck Drivers, Container Drivers, Mechanics, Peon, Security Guards etc.

The Auto Cars is logistic division of Videocon Group of Industries as vehicles majorly owned by Videocon Group of Industries and it is incorporated in 1993. The registered head Office establishment is at Adalat Road Aurangabad and having its administrative office situated at 14 KM, Stone near Videocon Industries Ltd., Chitegaon, Tq. Paithan, Dist. Aurangabad. The Trade Union has started functioning in the establishments of Videocon Group of companies from 05th January 2013. The founder of the Union is Mr. Gajanan Bandu Khandare who realize after serving 10 year with the Auto Cars the employees are getting wages lower than Minimum wages and he share his idea of forming Union in December 2012 with other employees and got registration certificate of the Union in January 2013. He was accepted as a President by near about 50 Union member at the time of formation of the Union. He is still continued as on today as president of the Union.


Latest News & Events

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18 December 2015
Auto Cars told to pay repees 1 crore PF dues.

PF authorities asked “Auto Cars” to deposit due of Rs.1.86 to 379 employees.

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16 December 2015
Auto Cars workers to get over Rupees 13Lakh in minimum wage dues.

After the Supreme Court verdict, the staf concerned of the Auto Cars will get dues woth Rs 13,06,278

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14 January 2015
Auto Cars told to pay as per Minimum Wage Act.

Labor Commissioner directed “Auto Cars” to pay as per Minimum Wage Act 1948..

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13 January 2015
93 Employees will get remaining 19 lakh.

93 Employees of "Videocon Group Employees Union" will get remaining 19 lakh.

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05 January 2014
First anniversary of "Videocon Group Employees Union".

First anniversary of "Videocon Group Employees Union" has celebrated.

News 2
05 February 2014
Monthly meeting held

Monthly meeting of "Videocon Group Employees Union" held.